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Yanling County grand courtyard farm

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 Yanling County grand courtyard farm is located in the middle section of Luoxiao Mountain Range, with a total area of 83.86 square kilometers, an average elevation of 1,350 meters, annual rainfall of 2294㎜, annual average temperature of 12.6℃, annual sunshine hours of 1,650 hours, and relative humidity of 85%.

Hunan Yanling Cultural relics department found a well-preserved commercial passage of Qing Dynasty built 300 years ago at the border of Hunan and Jiangxi Province of the grand courtyard farm in the county.

The ancient road starts from Qingshi Village, Shizhou Town, Yanling County, and then reaches Dafen Town, Suichuan County, Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province, by going through the grand courtyard farm, grand courtyard Jiangxi depression, and Zhaogong Kiosk at the junction of Hunan and Jiangxi Province. The total length is about 150 km, wherein, another lane of the grand courtyard Jiangxi depression can lead to the Jinggangshan city.

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