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 Lishuzhou is a scenic spot in Lishuzhou Village, Ceyuan Town, Yanling County, and it is divided in into 3 parts: Sub-zhou, middle zhou and upper zhou. It is 25 kilometers away from national highway 106, 70 kilometers away from Yandi mausoleum tourist area and 125 kilometers away from Ciping Town, Jinggangshan City, and the traffic is convenient.

Lishuzhou scenic area has rich tourism resources, and the first peak in Hunan Province is located there --- Ling Peak (also known as Shennong Peak); You can find the world-rare relict plant - Fujian cypress community and the southern hemlock community known as living fossil here. You can also find mortars and ancient villages in the scenic area. The White Water Village, God Horse River, mountain meadow and bamboo ocean are all in Lishuzhou scenic area.

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