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       Emperor Yan, an outstanding tribal leader in ancient China, is honored as the cultural ancestor of China together with Emperor Huang (Xuanyuan). He is the founder of the Chinese farming civilization. Emperor Yan lived in the south of China.
      In his later years, he died of eating poisonous weeds by mistake, and was buried in the tea village of Chansha city, which is the Yandi mausoleum in Yanling county, Zhuzhou city, Hunan province nowadays.Located in Luyuan slope, 19 kilometers away from the west of Yanling county, Yandi Mausoleum, is a state-level scenic spot, national key cultural relics protection unit, national patriotism education demonstration base, patriotic education base for returned overseas Chinese, cross-strait exchange base, Jinggangshan cadre college social practice education base, best farming culture tourist resort in China, China's top ten classic tomb garden and it was listed on the world natural and cultural heritage reserve list.
     "Yandi Mausoleum Fiesta" was included in the national first batch of intangible cultural heritage list, and was selected as the one of ten world's most influential root culture events.The main natural and humanity scenic spots of Yandi Mausoleum include the mausoleum hall, Shennong temple for public memorial ceremony, "Shennong Garden" , Mishui ancient road, Huangshan mountain ecological preservation area, etc.As the mark of Chinese agricultural civilization, after the inheritance more than 5000 years, Yandi mausoleum has achieved its lofty historical and cultural status of "cultural holy land of Chinese nation, spiritual home of global Chinese people", which is honored as "the first emperor tomb of China" by Chinese from China and abroad.


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