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Yanling Nai-plum

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 Yanling Nai Plum matures in the third ten-day of July to the first ten-day of August. Its shape is like peach, pulp like plum, with good quality. Nai plum belongs to the rosaceae. Plum is a variant of China nai plum. There are green nai-plum and color nai-plum. Yanling county introduced green nai-plum from Fujian. After acclimatization and optimum cultivation thirty years, its features are early fruit and high yield, with excellent quality. The above features give it a name of Yanling Nai-plum.
Yanling Nai-plum is dungarunga. Its crown is arch, with abundant and full of branches, or Yanling Nai-plum is dungarunga, with full of branches or openning a half. It blooms in the first and second ten-day in March, and fruit from the third ten-day to the first ten-day. Therefore, its mature period is in a good season in which fruit is in low season, it is very popular with customers. Yanling Nai-plum has a large size and beautiful shape. Its core is small and a lot of pulp, crisp and compact, concentrated sweet and tasty. Its core is in peach shape, green yellow pericarp, yellow pulp, semi-freestone. Its average weight of single fruit is 71.4g, and the largest is 204g. After being tested and verified, soluble solid content is 12.5%-15%, 8.55% total sugar, 0.56% acid content, sugar-acid ratio of 15.3. Besides, it contains Vitamin C 16.84 mg/100g, and edible rate is 97.7-98.2%. It can be stored and transported in a long term. It is suitable to freshly eat or be processed. Yanling Nai-pulm was rated the best quality fruit at provincial level in 1990, and won the gold prize of the Hunan science and technology new product and new achievement prize.
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