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Duck Soup

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 Duck Soup is one special traditional dish of cities along rivers of Anhui .Raw materials include alive old duck, refined salts, etc. The spoon liquor is clear and sweet, and its flavor is fresh and delicious, yellow-bright duck fat. Its meat is fragile and fresh and pure. It is a soup food that can be consumed by the mass, integrating cate and health preservation, traditional features and nutrition and fold dietotherapy.

In Great Heat, it is suitable to drink duck soup. Because hot climate and rainy days in summer, hot and wet, the spleen and stomach are always affected, and lost the appetite. Therefore, they should be adjusted and replenished by diet to improve the intake of nutriment to drive away summer heat and get rid of fatigue. The nutriment should be dominated by the food that is mild and nourishes yin, namely "nourishing with non-fatty food".

Old duck is the best food for supplement in summer. It is not only rich in nutriments, but effective on nourishing yang of fiver internal organs(heart, lungs and kidneys), getting rid of heating due to consumptive disease, enriching the blood and excreting water and nourishing the stomach to improve the production of body fluid due to it living in water all year round which results in cool nature of it.

There are some discourses about ducks as tonic in ancient traditional Chinese medicine. In Ming Yi Bie Lu, duck is regarded as the " miraculous cure" and top grade nourishing product In the folk, there is a wording of "old duck in summer is better than tonic". When duck is boiled, lotus root, white gourd and other vegetables can be added for cooking soup. Such duck soup not only has an effect of complementary nutrition between meat and vegetables, but also supplements asthenic disease, relieve summer heat and nourish yang. It actually is the top tonic in summer for invigorating. If gorgon fruit and semen coicis are added for boiling, then a better effect of nourishing yang will be got, and it can invigorate the spleen, eliminate damp and improve appetite.

A. Duck Soup
The duck smells is good, its soup is fresh with a delicious flavor. Recipe of decoction is thick and white, just like creamy, but not fatty. It is rich in collagen and bone calcium. It nourishes the stomach and supplements the spleen, keeps body health, and cultivate the passion. Depending on the above feathers, it was appraised by many nutritionists, integrating cate and health preservation, traditional features and nutrition and fold dietotherapy.

B. Duck blood
Its nature and flavor is salty and cool. It can enrich the blood and clear away heat and toxic. It can be used for blood loss and blood deficiency or women's menorrhea and hectic fever and children bacterial dysentery. Its application method is to administer with hot wine; It also is used to the blood-heat, stroke and dizziness or drug poisoning. It can be used upon getting fresh blood for drinking. The duck blood can also prevent and control gastrointestinal tumors.

C. Fried tofu
One of products is non-fermented bean products. Its nutriment mainly includes rich protein. The essential amino-acid contained in the bean products is similar to the animal protein, but they don't contain cholesterol, at the same time, they contains Ca, P, Fe and other necessary minerals to the human body. Besides, there are Vitamin B1, B2 and cellulose.

D. Duck liver, duck intestines and duck's gizzard
Animal innards contain rick Fe, Zn and other microelement and Vitamin A, B2, D, etc. They can effectively supplement the demand of the human body for these materials. Zinc supplement can improve vision. Anemia due to iron-deficiency is the most common deficiency disease in the world. Many medical specialists pointed that our country still lacks badly iron elements, mainly concentrating on women, children and the old. Scientifically supplement iron in daily, which is essential.

E. Batata starch
Its features are glittering and translucent, tasty and refreshing, strong flexibility, even bar-type, boiled for long term, etc. Its main content is starch, is coarse food grain products. Regular absorption is beneficial to the balanced diet, boost the intestinal tract movement to relax the bowels.

F. Eggs
Mild-natured and tasting sweet It has effects of nourishing yin and relieving dryness, tranquilizing mind by nourishing the heart, nourishing the blood and preventing abortion, prolonging life. The spiced corned egg is one of popular traditional foods. It contains rich and comprehensive nutriments. It is called "complete protein model" by nutritionists, honored as the "Ideal Nutriments Library".
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