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   Yanling Xiongsen International Holiday Hotel is located at Shennong avenue, Xiayang town, Yanling county, close to Xiayang road, surrounded by restaurants and snack shops, with perfect living facilities.

  There are a variety of rooms for your choice, it has spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with complete facilities, as well as indoor high-speed WIFI.

  The room also has large French windows with excellent lighting.

  The hotel has both Chinese and western restaurants which will offer a variety of cuisines for you;

  You may have different drinks and desserts in the coffee shop and the lobby; The conference rooms are equipped with advanced conference facilities. You can also go to the chess room to play cards, go to the gym for fitness.

  The hotel online network of Guangzhou Binjie Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is a leading online hotel reservation website, with modern communication systems, online E-commerce technology and the perfect customer management system. Through the integrated professional call center, it provides free reservation service for nearly 15,000 hotels in 470 major cities across the country. This hotel reservation service is provided by the hotel online network. Opening date:

  Opened in 2015, number of rooms:

  208 rooms, Reservation tips:

  1. Payment mode: Pay the room charge at the reception desk (cash) 2.The room charge includes hotel service charge, excludes other hotel expense, taxes and extra charges incurred due to the additional request from the guests.


  3. The normal check-in time is 14:00 and the check-out time is 12:00 at noon.

  In case of early check-in or delayed departure, additional fee will be charged as appropriate.

  Reservation phone:400-778-2688






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phone:0731-26321666 address:Luyuan Town, Luyuan Town, Yanling County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province,
19 km from the county seat

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