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Stuffed tofu

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   Stuffed tofu will lead people to a different thinking method due to its name. People will think that tofu will be brewed into wine or wine and tofu are made into delicious mash, all of which are wrong. Stuffed Bean Curd of Hakka in Yanling has nothing to do with wine. If you ate the "Fried Tofu" which is made of fried bean curb, soaking red chilli powder and enshrouding thick smell of rice wine, which is Zha Tofu. Zha Tofu is the wine oiled tofu. Fried Tofu is immersed in rice wine that is mixed with dry and red chili powder, then it will be put into a pottery cup for sealing some days. When fried tofu absorbs smell of wine and tastes into itself, pick it and drink wine slowly one bowl by one bowl, or drink some tea with it. The fried tofu isn't Stuffed Bean Curd, it is Zha Tofu. Hakka people cure cooked food with rice wine, which is "Zha"(鲊). "Zha" is the falling-rising tone, which means to cure something with wine, such as "Zha Tofu", "Zha Chili", "Zha Green Bean", " Zha Dried Eggplant" and "Zha Dried Fish"....... Actually, Chinese sauerkraut is also called "Zha Greens", which means "Zha Dried Greens".



  "Stuffed tofu" is made through "Zha", but "expansion" or"filling". Originally, I thought the Hakka said wrongly, how does "expanding" or "filling" tofu become the "stuffing"? Then, I read a book, named Three Cang. That explains it: " Manufacture methods are rice and wheat, which refers to stuffing." Then it occurs to me that Hakka people express it with ancient words, dated back to the small seal, united words by the First Emperor of Qin. Therefore, " Stuffed Bean Curd" can be explainted.

  The Hakka people "stuff" tofu with frying tofu very long time with oil, then "Stuff" it. Some body "stuff" fresh soft beancurd, but you have to drain off beancurd firstly, then cut them into triangle shape, after that put them into an oil pan to brand until two sides are sallow, then " Stuffed Bean Curd" will be made.

  When tofu is ready, materials used in "Stuffed" of the Stuffed Bean Curd need to be prepared respectively. Firstly grind sticky rice into powder, chop pork into minced meat, then add chopped garlic, five spice powder, fresh hen egg, stir them together after mixing salt. After above procedures are finished, fabricate them into many balls, then put them into fried bean curb or branded fresh tofu that has been opened. The above is the process of "Stuffing", which make " rice and wheat " and "minced meat" be "contents" of tofu, they are called" Stuffed Bean Curb" together. It also conforms to the explanation in Liji Neize, which explained that: " Thick quail soup, thick chicken and small quail should be brewed with Polygonum", in other words, " polygonum should be blended into the thick quail, chicken and small quail soup." "Brewing" refers to "blend or mix". After that, put " stuffed" tofu into food steamer or rice steamer for steaming. Then you can pick them out for enjoying a delicious food after they are steamed. If core made of rice noodles that are prepared are stewed, then pack them into pimiento(clear up seeds) that are fresh, which is called" Stuffed Peppers", and is delicious. But what you need to pay attention is duration and degree of heating. Fresh peppers cannot be steamed too much, then they can be put them up with chopsticks, and flavor will lose., And fragile and hot feeling of fresh chili will disappear.

  Some get bored with grinding sticky rice and tired, then they chop fresh pork, most being lean meat, into minced meat, after that they stuff that into fried bean curb directly. Stuffed bean curb made by this way is good, but it costs more. My native place planted early season rice and harvested semi late rice in the last century and ago that, and they celebrated birthday for the old or one full year of life for babies, they would grind some sticky rice and blended with pork powders, which was very luxury and only one big meal each year in that time.

  Of course, "Stuffed tofu" with only pork and "Stuffed Bean Curb" with sticky rice powder being blended with minced pork have different flavors. If I have to make a choice, I will vote the "Stuffed tofu" made of sticky rice powder and minced meat. Although it is simple and ordinary, but it not only has the fragrant and sweet, but the fresh and fragrance of sticky rice powder, as well as sticky and smooth of sticky rice powder and effect of warming the stomach, which cannot be compared by that made of pork only.

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