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Yanling Alpine Crystal Pear

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  She grows in high mountains, with an elevation over 1000m-1800m, in Luoxiao Mountians;


  She is packed with bags from fruitlet by people, no exposing to the direct sunligt. She yields glittering and translucent and beauty fruits;


  Her growing environment are rich in spring and mineral substances. So her fruits can absorb natural essence, with a delicious taste and rich nutrition;


  She is Yanling Alpine Crystal Pear, as if snow lotus blooms in a dreams. Her flowers are clean as ice and as pure as jade. Her fruits are like crystal's color.


  Alpine Crystal Pears are also named New Century Pear, good variety of pear trees cultivated in Japan. The trial planting in cold highland area in Yanling County Hunan was successfully under guidance of foreign merchants on site in 1995, and it is gradually expanding its planation and finally mass production pattern is formed.


  Currently, its production places include mainly mountains of Luoxiao Mountains with an elevation of 1000m-1800m, at Yanling County, Hunan Province, except Taiwan. On these mountains, spring is rich and minerals are abundant.

  " Gutang fruit cultivation professional cooperatives in Xianping Village, Yanling County" is well known for production of Yanling Yellow Peach, Alpine Crystal Pear and Yanling Nai Plum. We saw the growing Alpine Crystal Pear in here.

  Because of altitude, unique water and soil, air, sunlight, diurnal temperature variation, alpine fruits produced in here are very sweet. And Xianping Village becomes the national famous" Home of Fruit" due to that, winning the honors of " Spirit Mountain, Spirit Water and Spirit Fruit". Alpine Crystal Pear in here has very thin pericarp, fresh pulp. You don't need to chew them much, their pulps will become residuals upon entering into your mouth. They have features of succulency, sweetness and fain scent of special spring.

  The Alpine Crystal Pear is in circular shape. Its fruits have a large size after cultivation with bagging. Weight of one fruit is generally 200-250g, and the largest fruit will weigh 350g. Their pericarp is very thin, creamy yellow. The surface of fruits is smooth and fine, has a fresh color and beautiful apperance; Their pulp is milk white, fresh and fine. And soluble solid content is 12%-13.5%. There are abundant protein, fat, carbohydrate, Ca, phosphorus, Fe, carotene, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C and other nutrients. They will rapidly become residuals upon in the mouth. They are succulent, sweet and savory. Their core is small. When you chew it, delicious fluid will produce. The fluid will relieve dryness-heat and reduce phlegm. It is ideal natural green and healthy food.

  It is introduced by principal person of the Gutang fruit cultivation professional cooperatives in Xianping Village, Yanling County, that yield of Alpine Crystal Pear is fewer and fewer due to dominated industry in Yanling County becoming yellow peach in recent years, resulting in small share in market. And these products are divided into two parts, one for overseas sales through direct purchase of foreign merchants and one for bulk buying by frequent visitors from the oustside.

  Especially, some visitors are regular customers from Changsha, Zhuzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Anhui. They prefer to choose Alpine Crystal Pear rather than buy Yanling Yellow Peach. They consider the Alpine Crystal Pear, produced in Xianping Village in altitude of 1000m-1800m is the only delicious food they don't want to miss.

  Currently, market price of Alpine Crystal Pear is relatively lower than Yanling Yellow Peach. The price for bulk purchase is RMB 12/jin (RMB 24/kg) or so, and retail price in original place is about RMB 15/jin (RMB 30/kg); However, in early years (before Yanling Yellow Peach became popular), the Alpine Crystal Pear is a hot product in market. At that time, it was sold to Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. With a selling price of RMB 50/kg. Even a high price of RMB 150-200/kg was up to in Beijing.

  Fruit growers of "Gutang fruit cultivation professional cooperatives in Xianping Village, Yanling County" forecasted that expected marketing time is the second and the third ten-day in July for Alpine Crystal Pear(New Century Pear) in the Yanling Xianping Fruit Demostration base in this year, which is worth looking forward to it.






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